Wedding Magician

There is no doubt about it, your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. But what about your guests? Make it one of their most memorable also, with Jonathan Paul astounding your guests with his unique brand of close-up magic. Every wedding is different, but a good magician can always add that “something special”. There are many ways Jonathan can enhance your wedding. For example, the service is over, the photographs are being taken, and there can be a lot of hanging around for your guests. You can avoid the traditional lull in proceedings by having Jonathan step in.

He will mingle among your guests and entertaining them with some truly astounding wedding magic performing card tricks, bending coins and turning newspaper cuttings into real money before their very eyes. Another popular time for Jonathan to entertain is during the Wedding Breakfast. Jonathan will visit your each of the guest tables and perform a personalised magic show. Stunning close up magic delivered with humour and plenty of audience participation, adults and children alike will be amazed and entertained. Gone are the days of a disco or a band, create memorable moments with Jonathan Paul – Wedding Magician.

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